Melma Hamersfeld has been a long standing member of the arts and fashion world. A collector and an artist in her own right. The early 70’s was when it all began. Her signature love of colour and her innovative touch came out in her bold bangles, necklaces and her recognisable accessories .The move to fashion was an organic and natural progression. Melma created a clever body wear concept called Metalicus that enjoyed international and national success.

Fast forward to today, where her love of colour and creativity have merged together again to create her exciting new collection: Acrylic on Acrylic. She describes her pieces as being “similar to the jewellery concept, where each artwork is now a large scale version of the bangles and necklaces that I used to do.” The seamless lines and the architectural feel of her works emulate a brightness with a clever play on the environment which it is displayed on its material characteristics; acrylic plastic and acrylic paint. The works are eye catching and carry a depth of thought through a layering effect that evokes a sense of fantasy when looking into them. Visually appealing and sculptural with cleverly designed mounting techniques, to avoid distraction to the works of art. The dimensional elements creates a portal for art enthusiasts that assumes a new look every time.

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